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Lee Segas http://leesagas.com/ Taking place in a parallel universe.

Lee Space Home of 3D Planetary Virtual Worlds

Lee Space is a new casual online virtual space multiplayer community, constructed by residents who live in space and on planetary virtual worlds. Interact with other residents, make new friends and allies, and build on your own free virtual land on other planets!

Lee Space brings you 3D interstellar space travel built right within your web browser. Start on Lee Prime, our first planetary virtual world, and begin building within your free land immediately.

As a resident of Lee Space, you can create anything you can imagine. Build on your free land or out in space using blocks, our virtual building tools. Create your own avatar with our custom sizing and design tools that allow you to create own human likeness or even an alien character – the possibilities are endless!

Lee Space is built using the newest html5 and Webgl code, which runs entirely inside your web browser – there’s nothing to download. Lee Space Beta, our imminent release, is compatible with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, and mobile versions are on their way!

Explore, Interact, and Build: travel through the universe exploring the stars and beyond! Colonize virtual worlds, connect with your allies, and create virtual objects both on planet and in deep space!

Join Free Play now – a whole new Space Age is awaiting you!