Lee Space Home of 3D Planetary Virtual Worlds

What is Lee Space ?
Lee Space is an online multiplayer community and 3D universe created entirely by its residents. Avatar residents can follow along in the storyline or go out on your own and play in free-form.

First storyline game-play picks up where the Graphic Novel left off in the story, you find yourself marooned on an alien planet after fleeing the nearly destroyed Lee starship.

Trying to avoiding all possible dangers and stay alive!

Explore Planetary Virtual Worlds!
The online community runs in Firefox or Chrome web browser, where you can build and live in space, in real time. You can even download the Lee Space Viewer interface software.

In FREE Play you can explore the world Lee Prime, a virtual planet combined with storyline game play.

But that’s not all if you Upgrade to Private Alpha giving access to space travel and our upcoming features which include virtual building and avatar design tools coming soon in BETA.

Included with Upgrade is the graphic novel;
“Lee Sagas: The Discovery.” Join FREE Play