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Lee Segas http://leesagas.com/ Taking place in a parallel universe.

Lee Space Home of 3D Planetary Virtual Worlds

What is Lee Space ?

Lee Space is a massively multiplayer online virtual space community
built in a 3D universe created entirely it’s residents.

Design your own avatar if it’s a spaceship or humanoid following along in the storyline or go out on your own and play in free-form.

The storyline picks up where the Graphic Novel left off in the story, you find yourself marooned on an alien planet after fleeing the nearly destroyed Lee star ship.

Trying to avoid all possible dangers and stay alive!

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Be the first to gain access to our experimental Live Beta compatible in Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 11 web browsers, no downloading required unless you want to try the Lee Space Viewer software free.

In FREE Play you can,
– Traveling through the universe connecting with planetary virtual worlds in what we call galaxies.

Interact – Connect with family and friends or meet new people through your humanoid or spaceship avatar.

Build – Make your own virtual goods using the Lee Space building tools.

Also included is free form play that would allow for the avatar user to do what his or her imagination allows.